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[ale] SCO lies to Congress too

On Monday 26 January 2004 00:28, Adam Levenstein wrote:
> Did SCO hire Jim Allchin to be the head of PR or something?
> What on Earth are these people smoking?

Seems to me that SCO is just following the methods of lobbying the
republican controlled congress that have been so effective for the Bush 
regime. All you need to do is tell some bold faced lies to the House and 
Senate about frabricated dangers and threats. Once they are sufficiently 
terrorized,  reactionary replaces reason, all debate is quashed and the 
cowering rabble immediately passes any anti-constutional, draconian 
legislation you tell them to.

The only stretch here is that Linux is not a nuclear weapons program, but 
given the corporate lap dog nature of our current government and the absurd 
Orwellian double-speak like "jobless recovery" that we keep getting from the 
radical regime, SCO is just playing the odds that congress and most of the 
citizens they are supposed to represent will believe absolutely any lie you 
tell them.