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I meant to clarify that the MARKET LEADER is rarely if ever the better 
product. I am not talking about 100% of the Linux users on this list. I am 
talking about the globe.
It takes more effort and will to find the best product (even with Mountain 
bikes, you can get one at Walmart, or shop harder and get higher quality).

> > Coke Example: Even Coke says Coke does not taste as good as Pepsi
> This whole argument makes no sense to me either.  I don't particularily 
> care for Coke or Pepsi. The once in a blue moon I find myself at 
> McDonalds I'll get a coke because their ice tea is usually weeks old. 
> If my only choices were Coke or Pepsi, I'd choose Coke because of the taste.

Yes. But you seem "anti-Market Leader" a concept which has been marketed to 
you. You rarely go to McDonald's. You probably boycott Walmart. You probably 
don't use the major/leading ISP in your area. You probably avoid other big 
brand names. You don't like M$FT at all. You don't even like Coke or 
Pepsi. :)
And, I am suuuuuure that you feel your perception is "the best."  Only idiots 
support those companies that offshore. Only idiots use Windows. And, you 
probably don't feel that any marketing was involved in helping you make a 
decision to be so "anti."

> Drew, your problem is you believe so much in marketing that you think 
> it's the answer to everything.  It's not. 

Yes. I think that marketing plays a significant role in many things. I don't 
"believe" in marketing. I just observe the mechanics of decision making. How 
much stuff do we really decide on our own without communication and influence 
from others? 
"Hey, you should try Linux because . . . ."
Everything after the "because" and the "should" qualify as Marketing. 
Marketing is done through different media. Word of Mouth, written words, TV, 
Radio. Some or all of those influenced your decision to try Linux. The fact 
that you perceive that you found more information to support your decision is 
irrelevant. The fact that you take an interest in trying to gather more 
pro-Linux and anti-Microsoft information (so that you can "share" it with 
others) is relevant. The bottom line is we all communicate and MOST of that 
communication is marketing, or trying to push our ideas on others.

> Not all people fall for the 
> lies. 

ALL people fall for *some* lies. 
Our opinions/perceptions are illusions or lies in and of themselves. Of 
course, you imply that YOU are better than the rest of us. You make all of 
your decisions by doing extensive research via your own testing and take no 
information or opinions of others into account. I am sure you PERCEIVE that 
you choose the best product every time. Guess what? That's a lie. :)

To illustrate: You pat yourself on the back for using Linux over Microsoft, 
BUT do you use the "BEST" Linux? Have you really tried them all with all of 
their different configurations or did you settle for an inferior product? So 
you use the best distro, have you tried all of the Window managers (even the 
ones that don't come as a default)? Tried ALL of the filesystems available?
Are "we" omniscient, or did we stop gathering info when our perception 
satisfied our egotistical need for having "the best."? :)

> That's all marketing is.  Twists of the truth, have truths and 
> bald face lies.

I have heard something like that before, although the statement was not 
marketed to me in a way where I feel that it is immutable. 
Assuming your position is true, then recognize that we are ALL liars. 
And, I should clarify here that money is not the only motive for marketing. 

Religion is marketed.
For example: How many of us just discovered the Bible (for example) on our 
own? Family, Friends and religious leaders help us in "believing or 
perceiving" the religion. Let's look past the televangelists who do nothing 
but "Christian Informercials . . ." 
Did you notice that 30% of the 10 commandments are MARKETING statements to 
promote the Biblical God?
(Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about that statement, test what I 
am saying by inserting "MicroSoft" where you see "God" in the commandments).

ONE: 'You shall have no other OSes before ME*.' (Microsoft Millennium)
TWO: 'You shall not make for yourself any likeness of the Microsoft OS  
(I butchered that one quite a bit, but it illustrates the point)
THREE: 'You shall not take the name of the Microsoft your OS in vain.'

The Bible even markets itself as "The Word of God." So even if you made it to 
the Bible without any exposure to the expousing of others, you will "get the 
message" from reading it. TO CLARIFY: I am not saying you are a Christian, or 
that there aren't people out there who make "better" religious decisions, 
rather I am pointing out the ROLE OF MARKETING in religion which helps 
Christianity be the MARKET LEADER in the euroworld.

You market yourself with your resume. You market your new business. You market 
your Anti-Microsoft opinion. You market Suse. You market your political 
opinions. You market you "anti-Capitalism, hate the big company" attitudes. 
YOU market Linux to your friends via Word of Mouth. How much lying are you 

You will probably backpedal by saying your communication is fair, unbiased and 
that you do not market to others but merely "share information or 'the 

You will probably tell us that YOU do not "lie" (in the same context) . . . .

. . . . but we all know that the communication will simply be an attempt to 
market yourself and your point of view. 

			I don't buy it. :)
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown
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