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[ale] Open Source Apps

ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
>> The arguments come back to a frequently prooven failing of
>> capitalist
> systems.
> Uh oh . . . .
>> Simply stated, competitor exclusion becomes easier to pursue than
>> product excellence when there are few ethical consequences to
>> mediate the greed motive. peace aaron
> No. I think the bigger problem is that those with more knowledge of
> the product THINK that the better product should win the market. That
> is (almost) NEVER true.

There's a huge flaw in that statement, in regard to this discussion. 
Virtually all people who prefer Linux over Windows know both products. 
Virtually all people who prefer Windows over Linux only know how to 
spell Linux.  Ask anyone who uses Linux what their experiences are with 
Windows.  Do the same for your average Windows geek. I do mean windows 
geek, not windows user.  I've never met anyone who pushes Microsoft 
technology who also has any experience with Linux.

> Coke Example: Even Coke says Coke does not taste as good as Pepsi

This whole argument makes no sense to me either.  I don't particularily 
care for Coke or Pepsi. The once in a blue moon I find myself at 
McDonalds I'll get a coke because their ice tea is usually weeks old. 
If my only choices were Coke or Pepsi, I'd choose Coke because of the taste.

Drew, your problem is you believe so much in marketing that you think 
it's the answer to everything.  It's not.  Not all people fall for the 
lies.  That's all marketing is.  Twists of the truth, have truths and 
bald face lies.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft