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I don't know if it has such functionality, but audacity has a ton of 
plugins.  You might check it out.

> The problem is that a tape recording was made of an event using
> a tape recorder with low batteries, thus causing playback to sound
> like a bunch of chipmunks.  I used "record" (the program) to load
> the audio to a .WAV file and tinkered with the header information
> to get a sample rate of 24,576 Hz, as opposed to the 44,100 Hz at
> which it was converted.  With this tweak, it plays back fine
> through Electric Ears.
> The next task is to convert this to mp3.  mp3enc won't allow non-standard
> sample rates (only 44100, 22050, and a few others).

Again, I'd check out audacity.

> A different tact would be to use an audio editor that would allow me to
> take the original digital recording and stretch it.
> This is a one-time need, so purchasing of a package needs to be low.
> If anyone has a good idea on what I could use, it'd be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
>     - Chuck

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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