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[ale] Audio Editor

I'm looking for a nitty-gritty audio editor that will allow me
to stretch the recording.

The problem is that a tape recording was made of an event using
a tape recorder with low batteries, thus causing playback to sound
like a bunch of chipmunks.  I used "record" (the program) to load
the audio to a .WAV file and tinkered with the header information
to get a sample rate of 24,576 Hz, as opposed to the 44,100 Hz at
which it was converted.  With this tweak, it plays back fine
through Electric Ears.

The next task is to convert this to mp3.  mp3enc won't allow non-standard
sample rates (only 44100, 22050, and a few others).

A different tact would be to use an audio editor that would allow me to
take the original digital recording and stretch it.

This is a one-time need, so purchasing of a package needs to be low.

If anyone has a good idea on what I could use, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    - Chuck

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