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and my favorite book of all time (SSH Definitive Guide):
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Joe Sechman

&gt; David Hamm wrote:
&gt;&gt; Hello,
&gt;&gt; I have an FTP server sittting on the Internet.  One group of users
&gt;&gt; uploads files via FTP the other group downloads those files via SMB.
&gt;&gt; Securing SMB communications in most cases is handeled by listing the
&gt;&gt; SMB users's IP address in an IPTables rule with a -j ACCEPT.  But
&gt;&gt; recently I gained an SMB user an ALLTel's network and ALLTel blocks
&gt;&gt; port 135.  The only options I can come up with is eithher FreeSwan or
&gt;&gt; PopTop and from recent experiences I'm not excited about using
&gt;&gt; either.  I wonder if I could run SMB on another port? Under Linux I
&gt;&gt; don't see a problem but the Windows workstations mounting the share
&gt;&gt; can't be modified since they also participate in an SMB based LAN.
&gt;&gt; Any suggestions are welcomed.
&gt; Personally, I think you're absolutely insane to be permitting Windows 
&gt; file sharing over the internet.  You're just asking for trouble.
&gt; You should find a different solution. What about ssh?

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