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[ale] SMB options


I have an FTP server sittting on the Internet.  One group of users uploads 
files via FTP the other group downloads those files via SMB.  Securing SMB 
communications in most cases is handeled by listing the SMB users's IP 
address in an IPTables rule with a -j ACCEPT.  But recently I gained an SMB 
user an ALLTel's network and ALLTel blocks port 135.  The only options I can 
come up with is eithher FreeSwan or PopTop and from recent experiences I'm 
not excited about using either.  I wonder if I could run SMB on another port?  
Under Linux I don't see a problem but the Windows workstations mounting the 
share can't be modified since they also participate in an SMB based LAN.  Any 
suggestions are welcomed.