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Berlin Brown wrote:
> Couple more things and I wont waste this maillist with my dribble.
> 1. I have a copy of Revolution OS, if I remember to go the meeting I can 
> give it to whoever(keeps of course, I have already seen it).
> 2.  Are there any good cheap local unix/linux solutions I can telnet 
> into a host type.  I really dont want a national solution, because I am 
> a lazy and dont want to shop around.  I trust local stuff.  Ideally I 
> want local, telnet(if they do that, I could go with ssh).  And obviously 
> a website, storage, then C/C++, java possibly, I know I am pushing it, 
> but I am giving away a dvd.
> 3. This is the funny part, kind of goes along with the comcast linux 
> story.  If you read my first couple of posts you will get the idea.
> But here is the final update.
> Ok I got this comcast cable, cool, just moved, first I wanted linux to 
> work with the internet(thats all I use). 
> It didnt work, ok cool.  Well, screw it, I will just wipe this machine, 
> go windows.  Ok, plug the modem in, ok, still doesnt work. 
> Ok, let me think...I will just call Comcast, blah, blah, turn on this 
> setting, these preferences, set this, set that.  Internet explorer of 
> course.
> Press button, no go.
> Ok, let me try something else, no go.
> Ok, days pass...
> I reinstall my machine.  Ok, I didnt want to touch my freebsd machine, 
> screw it, lets load this one.  Windows installed.
> Still not working...
> Summary;
> two machines wiped clean, 3 - 4years of work and setups.
> Maybe somebody has forgot to turn something off at comcast. 
> Let me call again... blah, blah, ok let me load your mac address, come 
> back the next day it should be up.
> That has to fix it.
> Today is the day, I check, no go... doesnt work.
> WTF???
> Called comcast, blah, blah, try this, open up internet explorer... do 
> this(of course
> I have done this 99 million times...
> I wait calm down, I am an engineer let me check the voltage on this 
> line, the cable is not synced properly with the AC input, thats it!!!!
> Let me try a different socket. Where is my oscilloscope.
> Still not working.
> Now What? Let me just call comcast, I am annoyed, I might as well annoy 
> these guys.
> I got a tech support that sounded pretty smart, talked real fast you 
> know the deal...
> maybe this guy knows his stuff.
> He went through something compilicated proxy stuff, ok this guy is good.
> Still didnt work, ok thats it... I am losing it.
> Finally I say, here is my version of IE, my version of this, that 
> win98se blah,blah....
> He says, go to Internet Explorer, go to help and about...
> I told you the version of Internet Explorer already, why would I do that.
> he says, 'just listen'. 
> Check your cipher strength.  My what?????
> Cipher strength, what is it. 40-bit, thats your problem, what????
> My cipher strength, it should be 128-bit, how the f do I change that, 
> doesnt matter.
> This guy was good though, never would have thought of that.
> I havent tried it yet(at work), but I think that is the issue, and I 
> will call it closed. 
> Point of all this:
> 1. I dont know everything.
> 2. Tech support guys arent that bad.
> 3. Maybe next time I get I windows product, I should actually pay for 
> it, so that is has all the CDs.
> */"Michael H. Warfield" <mhw at wittsend.com>/* wrote:
>     On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 11:51:50PM -0500, Byron A Jeff wrote:
>      > It's dhcpcd (as alluded to above). And dhcpcd caches the previous
>     address.
>      > I'm not sure why it didn't do a broadcast after the NAK, but
>     killing the
>      > cache solved the problem.
>     Opppsss. Missed that rather obvious hint. :-)
>     My preference if for dhcpcd and I've never had that problem. In
>     fact, the reason I prefer dhcpcd was after pump kept screwing up on
>     Media1 / ATT / ComCast. Dhcpcd fixed the problems with lease renewals
>     (no change) and new leases (new addresses). Never had to delete the
>     cache
>     to get it to work. Really strange you ran into that.
>      > > My experience with the tech was when the guy came to the house with
>      > > the cable modem (which I purchased rather than leased) and
>     walked down into
>      > > my basement and came face to face with my rack in my NOC... I
>     told him he was
>      > > connecting to the mini tower on the top of the rack on the
>     left. He asked,
>      > > "What does it run, Linux?" I said "Correct." He said "I don't
>     think we
>      > > support Linux." My reply was "Good. I support Linux. You
>     support giving
>      > > me a network connection. Just call these numbers (the MAC
>     addresses) in."
>      > > He did and was amaze when it all simply poped up and worked
>     perfect, first
>      > > shot, when I typed the ifup command. Repeat a second time a few
>     months
>      > > later at my son's digs.
>      > Many will walk out though given the scenario above. Also they
>     have a browser
>      > based registration now, which is better than waiting 45 minutes
>     on the phone
>      > for the MAC addresses to be provisioned, like one tech I had.
>     I've heard that said but I've never run into one, myself, that has.
>     And Scott and I have never picked any bones with them that our end
>     is Linux.
>      > BTW Mike, I believe that your attitude is the right one. But I'm
>     sure that
>      > for every one of you, there are 10 folks who think they can
>     support the
>      > connection, but really can't. That's why the techs are so scripted.
>      > BAJ
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