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[ale] Indian outsourcing

Eichler, Paula J. wrote:

>This was pretty much what I was trying to say.  Changing directions and
>taking huge paycuts are not options for most IT workers.  Why do we
>simultaneously brag about living in "the greatest country in the world"
>and tell displaced IT workers "chuck your career and flip burgers, you
>have no right to a job"?  What makes us the greatest?  Yea we can blow
>shit up, but is that great?  No, it is (was) the idea that you can be
>whatever you set your mind to be.
>Again, it is not the Indians' problem.  They just solved a problem of
>their own.  Corporations are just doing what they have to do.  We need
>leadership from our President and Congress that we are not getting ..pj
So you're saying that if you can't stay in the IT industry and earn a 
similar wage you're just going to lay down and *die*? That's not a 
productive attitude. If you're smart enough to do IT, you're smart 
enough to do something besides IT, and smart enough to live on a smaller 
wage if necessary. It may not be pleasant, but you do what you have to do.

You *can* "be whatever you set your mind to be", but no one *guarantees* 
you'll be able to make living doing it. No one has a right to a job, 
only the right to compete for a job without being discriminated against 
based on sex, race or religion.



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