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[ale] introduction

Jerald Sheets wrote:
> Greetings everyone.
> Allow me to introduce myself, as I am new to the list.
> my name is Jerald Sheets, and I live in Baton Rouge, LA.  I travel 
> back-and-forth to Atlanta on a bi-weekly basis for some music 
> involvement and (it seems) to ineffectualy interview for UNIX jobs.
> :-/

That's a heck of a trip to make that often.

> I've been a UNIX/Linux admin for about 10 years now (if you add hobby
>  and professional experience), and currently work in a large hospital
>  complex.  I write articles for linux.com, typically on integrating
> Linux into your enterprise, generally surrounding turnkey answers to
> new linux admins questions.

Excellent, be prepared to do a presentation? ;)

> I hope to be your neighbor in the near future, at which point I'll be
>  able to attend meetings.
> Thanks for the list!

Welcome to the list Jerald.  Feel free to drop by some boudin on your 
next trip to Atlanta ;)

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft