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[ale] OT: cheap barebones system in atlanta?

George Carless wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 09:43:50PM -0500, Robert Heaven wrote:
>>I prefer http://www.pcusa.com they were next door to Ginstar but they
>>moved up to Peachtree Corners just off Atlantic Blvd. They have a great
>>web site for configuring a system.
> www.monarchcomputer.com are also decent.  

Monarch puts together good systems, and I'll still use them, but I've 
had some problems with them and they have some policies I don't care for.

I ordered a monitor from them.  It was backordered.  They charged my 
card upon the order, but the item was backordered for 2 weeks.  I called 
and canceled it, received a full credit, ordered a different monitor. 
They sent me the wrong one.  I then had to permit them to charge me for 
another monitor in order to get them to ship me the right one.  They 
credited my account once they received the wrong monitor back.

Another policy I don't like is that you can not order over the phone and 
pick it up at their shop.  You either order at the shop and pick up at 
the shop, or you order via phone and they ship it to you.  I suppose you 
can order it at the shop and they'll ship, but I've never asked that 

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