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[ale]OT It begins...

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 02:15, Robert Reese wrote:
> You really are doing a good job trying to impress upon us how
> difficult the task of keeping spam at bay at the user's server level.
>  I appreciate your effort; I'm hoping that you'd continue your
> efforts toward the archive creation filtering process.  :c)

In my opinion, the problem can only be successfully solved in the
delivery channel (user's server and/or client).  It is fruitless to
clean the archives because you only have control over your one copy. 
You have no control over every other mail2news gateway, personal
website, or virus infected copy of MS Outlook.

You will never be 100% satisfied until the delivery channel is fixed. 
That is: there needs to be a way to validate who is sending you email. 
This process is underway, and once fully supported it will greatly
reduce spam. See http://spf.pobox.com for more details.

-Jim P.