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[ale] SCO lies to Congress too

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 10:40:03AM -0500, Dan Lambert wrote:
> I'd like some clarification here, if I may. I'm new to this list, so I am
> not familiar with the rules of the road.

Since I started this. I'll happily answer.

> I thought when I joined this list that this was about the Linux OS. Did I
> somehow join the wrong list?

Nope. But the issue that was originally posted was specifically about Linux.
SCO mentions the "Linux operating environment" by name in their letter.

> Let me know now, and if I accidentally joined a political bashing list, I'll
> quit now and go find a list that's really about computers!

The issue is relevant here. If SCO got their way, free software would be
made illegal in the US. There there's be no Linux to talk about because you
would no longer have the right to develop, distribute, or use it.