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[ale] butt kicking

On Saturday 24 January 2004 21:50, ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
> > Well, that's not what I meant, just that Gates is trying to get people 
> > stuck on his software as early as possible.  Just like his other efforts 
> > with libraries and such.
> > 
> > Although Gates commented that these locations would not have to use 
> > Microsoft software, I don't believe him.
> I am thinking that he would stick to his word on that one. Sometimes 
> entrepreneurs just want to promote their industry as a whole (and perhaps 
get   some marketing exposure).
> -- 

Even after ignoring the common global corporape practices of marketting deceit 
and conflict of interest,  the entire history of Gates and the Micro$haft 
company support an overwhelming expectation that this gesture is just another 
typical and utter fraud. (For this leopard were to keep a promise it would 
not just mean changing spots: it would require a magical transformation into 
a humming bird.)