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[ale] butt kicking

George Johnson wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:
>> The scarry part of this is:
>> "At the forum itself, Gates announced a partnership with the United 
>> Nations (news - web sites) to bring computer technology and literacy 
>> to developing countries.
>> Drawing on a $1 billion Microsoft fund, the U.S. software giant will 
>> work with the U.N. Development Program to provide software, computer 
>> training and cash to establish computer centers in poor communities, 
>> starting with pilot projects in Egypt, Mozambique and Morocco."
>> We all know his purpose behind this effort.
> Yea, I know the purpose behind this.  These places will be the next 
> source of cheap IT labor after India etc become too expensive.

Well, that's not what I meant, just that Gates is trying to get people 
stuck on his software as early as possible.  Just like his other efforts 
with libraries and such.

Although Gates commented that these locations would not have to use 
Microsoft software, I don't believe him.

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
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