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[ale] Changing OS's on a pc with RAID

As long as the new OS uses the same general kernel version, the raid
array will auto detect and mount as what was specified before. I have
had issues where i was trying to make some changes to drive structure
and because of the superblock on each partition being tagged with what
it was, it kept trying to reorder all my drives.
 You should be safe, but it never hurts to back up everything before
just in case. 

dragon at atlantacon.org 

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 19:50, Greg wrote:
> I currently have a fileserver running RH 7.3 and my files are on a RAID 5
> group of hard drives (3) using software RAID and the OS is on a separate 4G
> disk.  I set up the hard drives using raidtools.  I also have 2 other disks
> in the fileserver.  What I want to do is install Debian on the box since I
> can no longer expect RH to support it and I abhor upgrades.  So my question
> is thus:
> Is it possible, if I wipe out RH and install Debian and mdadm, to
> re-construct the RAID 5 partition without any loss of data ? and what about
> the current order of the hard drives, does that matter ? (I am guessing no,
> since the parity bit is spread all over all 3 drives).
> TIA,
> Greg
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