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[ale] SCO is not lobbying Congress

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From: byron at cc.gatech.edu (Byron A Jeff)                              
[1] Re: SCO to Congress: Linux hurts the U.S.
Date: Fri Jan 23 07:48:04 EST 2004
Organization: College of Computing, Georgia Tech
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In article <Nh3Qb.14831$Ew5.6995 at newssvr25.news.prodigy.com>,
Daniel Rudy  <dcrudy at invalid.pacbell.nospam.net.0123456789> wrote:
-More bullshit from Daryl McBride and Co.

In short: SCO has sent a letter espousing their "Linux is unAmerican and
illegal" position to the 535 members of Congress. A copy of the letter can
be found here:


Here's the problem: Congresscritters may not know that each and every point
in the letter is disputable bullshit. Without rebuttal, there is the a chance
that the idea may somehow get some legs on the hill.

If you have never written your Congressperson or Senator, now is the time to
do it. We have to be sure that this insidious lying cancer does not get a
chance to ruin the freedoms that we have worked so hard for.