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[ale] FreeBSD and Debian

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Greg wrote:

> I have now installed Debian on my SunBlade and have been reveling in the
> richness of apt-get and aptitude heaven, but I just found out how easy it is
> to upgrade FreeBSD and now am having second thoughts, as it seems that
> FreeBSD has more apps and they are more current also, as well as possibly
> having more experience with 64 bit Sun arches.

Actually, FreeBSD's ultrasparc support is way behind Linux's ultrasparc
support, or at least was with the 5.1 release, which is the last I've tried
-- sbus drivers don't work right, lots of higher-end networking cards don't
work, ultrasparc III isn't supported, etc. under FreeBSD, but they do work
with Linux

FreeBSD's ultrasparc port basically only works on newish (but not too new)  
low-end desktop systems. Linux works across the entire line, with the
exception of the 10k / 15k (though I believe Dave Miller said he'd fix that
if you get him access to one ;-)