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[ale] any SQL gurus?

On Jan 21, 2004, at 10:39 AM, Jeff Tillotson wrote:
> Not a SQL guru but wouldn't this work:
> SELECT COPY.owner COPY.title_key TITLE.name from TITLE COPY where 
> TITLE.title_key = COPY.title_key order by COPY.owner;

On Jan 21, 2004, at 10:34 AM, Dylan Northrup wrote:
> I'm not much of a SQL guru, but wouldn't this work:
> select t.name from t TITLE, c COPY where c.owner = "whoever" and
> 	c.title_key = f.title_key;

Thanks guys.  Hmm.  Both of these work if I use the DISTINCT keyword.  
But for some reason, such things as DISTINCT COUNT(name) don't work, 
and each copy goes toward the total.  I can't really afford to fetch 
all the results and count them on the client side.  I shouldn't have 
used the word "list", my mistake.

Hmm.  Looks like the inner join does the same thing--or were these 
other queries already implicitly inner joins?  I really dislike 
databases. :-)

So it's not a list I need, but a count.  Hrmm.

I bet I need sub-selects.  Something like   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ( 

Thanks for your help.  I'm going to keep banging my head against it.

-- Jason