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[ale] any SQL gurus?

Hi guys, this has been driving me nuts and maybe you would enjoy 
figuring it out. :)

I have two tables: TITLE and COPY.  There is a one-to-many relationship 
between the two; for any given title, there could be many copies.  
Copies have owners, but titles don't belong to anyone.

	table TITLE:
		field title_key	PRIMARY KEY
		field name	CHAR
	table COPY:
		field copy_key	PRIMARY KEY
		field title_key	FOREIGN KEY
		field owner	CHAR

However, owners would like a list of what titles they happen to have 
copies for.  I can do this through brute-force with a programming 
language, but is there a single SQL query I could use?  Specifically, 
MySQL (I don't have sub-selects)?

I'm sure this is simple and obvious and I'll feel like more of an idiot 
later.  *8)