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[ale] Open Source Apps [WAAAYYY OT]

> In the context you've outlined, I have not lied.
1. You admit that you market Linux through "word of mouth."
2. You admit that you market with a bias.
3. You admit that you do get at least one benefit from the marketing.
4. "That's all marketing is.  Twists of the truth, have truths and bald face lies." -- Geoffrey Myers

if ($marketing=="LIES" &&  $GeoffreysMarketing=="biased" && $GeoffreyMarkets=="true")
	mysql_query("update members set lying='true', benefit=='some' where name='Geoffrey'");
	mysql_query("update members set lying='false' where name='Geoffrey'");

> > I don't buy it. :)
> Doesn't matter, I don't care.
1. If you didn't care, you would not have responded.

if($GeoffreyResponds=='yes' && $GeoffreyDefendsHimself=='true' && $GeoffreyClaimsCarelessness=='true')
	mysql_query("update members set caring='true', lying=='true', benefit=='image', marketing=='true' where name='Geoffrey'");
	mysql_query("update members set caring='false', lying=='false', benefit=='none', marketing=='false' where name='Geoffrey'");

Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown

P.S. Extra Worthless Dribble:
+I think you misunderstood the fundamental ideas of my post. 
+At some points I used sarcasm, yet you responded as though I didn't.
+I was exaggerating when I used the noun "idiot."
+I did not mean to say that you market yourself as a "know it all."
+I did not call you a lier, and did not mean to imply that you are one.
+I did not want to anger you (troll), I don't benefit from trolling *you.*
+It seems that you are saying that just because you don't receive a monentary 
benefit, you are on a moral high ground? (This is the part I don't understand and 
it's why I keep asking you and Aaron for a philosophical "label" and some URLs 
so I can learn more. Send 'em offlist. You guys obviously have theories that come 
from something conceptually "bigger," but I don't know what it is - and I would like
to understand the attitude more).