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[ale] Open Source Apps

I have a friend who told me I could get a 3.2gig Dell server with 128RAM for $300 
- so I became intensely interested in buying a Dell recently.

(PowerEdgeTM  400SC Small Business Value (1-4 users)	
Intel? Celeron? Processor at 2.0GHz, 128KB Cache, 400MHz FSB	
No Operating System, Microsoft 128MB DDR, ECC, 400MHz, 1X128MB	
40GB 7.2K RPM IDE Hard Drive Featured at $499
$299  [After $100 Instant Savings and $100 Mail-in Rebate] Limited time offer.
-and they had what LOOKED like a free upgrade to a 3.2 gig processor)

As you can see with this link:
one can easily buy a Dell with "Linux 9" on it. Or with "No Operating System, Red Hat Linux Configuration."

To make a long story short, the fine print in the "Dell Deal" made the computer much
more expensive, and I did not purchase one. I ended up adding a gig of DDR ram to my
current box and was satisfied with that performance improvement.

Reason for Posting:
While I do not endorse Dell, we should check the facts BEFORE criticizing companies 
for their "lack" of Linux.

HP also seems to offer boxes with "no OS" (WITH a big price difference):

Neither company is cramming Linux down the throats of home users . . . . but would WE as
a community really want that . . .  to be more like M$FT?
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown