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[ale] Open Source Apps

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Jeff Hubbs wrote:

> So, forget the Dell-Packards of the world.  What REALLY needs to happen
> is that Free Software needs to land in people's hands.  There need to be
> OpenOffice CDs next to AOL CDs at the post office.  I recently GAVE some
> friends on the other side of the so-called Digital Divide a junker P/100
> with Debian and OpenOffice.  I think that OpenOffice is a more important
> wedge to drive between MS and people's money than Linux right now
> because nearly everyone with a computer wants to word-process and it
> takes some real money to get into ANY kind of MS Word.  Yet, where is
> OO's street buzz?  Where are the CDs?  Where are the bumper stickers?

One man's crusade to get OO.o CDs in every library in Scotland....