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[ale] OT: e-mail address migration and LDAP format

ALErs -

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, John Mills wrote:

> In particular I want to smb-mount a nearby Windows share on boot or
> (better) on login, instead of by Apple's "Finder->Go->Connect to
> Server->choose your share' rigamarole. Time to learn a few new tricks, I
> guess.

A friend found the answer to this for me on a couple of passes through 
OS-X's 'help'. For the record:

1. From the Finder choose Connect to Server from the Go menu.
 [Check - been there]

2. Connect to the server, login, and select the volume.

3. Open System Preferences and click Login Items.
 [OK - we'll see]

4. Click Add and locate the server in the Recent Servers folder in your
home Library folder.
 [??? we'll see]

All clear? Well, it probably will be when I try it.

OS-X seems to have lots of possibilities, but then obvious things (to a 
*nix user) seem to have been made difficult for no apparent reason. 
Several variants of /etc/fstab.* exist, all internally commented as being 
obsolete. Apple's web-site help specifies using [non-existent] 
'/etc/fstab' on the other hand. #8-P)X

I guess I better kill my Mac OS-X thread now, as OT. Thanks very much for
the contributions, however.

 - John Mills
   john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu