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[ale] Atapi cdrecord?

And as an addendum to this I also personally think that everything
that supports a SCSI command set (or subset thereof) should show
up as a SCSI device, regardless of what kind of physical interface
it has.  It makes perfect sense to me that USB storage devices show 
up as SCSI devices, and that Firewire storage devices show up as
SCSI devices, so why the heck should IDE storage devices not show
up as SCSI devices?  They implement the command set, so why not
make it easier on ourselves and have everything be SCSI?


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Read this:


And decide for yourself.

Personally I have no problems with the ide-scsi "fun"...


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Ok, I remember a conversation about burning and the ide-scsi fun.  I
have a Knoppix CD I want to to burn, a Sony IDE cdrom on HCD and a pile
of blanks.  How do you burn using the ATAPI/IDE interface instead of the
ide-scsi fun?  Yeah, I'm just curious if it's easier.

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