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[ale] smbpasswd error

Not having all of the relevant information, but having seen a similar 
event once, I will take a stab at this.

Is the user information in LDAP ?

I have seen smbpasswd not linked properly to LDAP directory of users 
that attempted to look in the passwd file for verification of the user's 
existance before attempting a change of their smbpasswd. Root could 
change smbpasswds no problem, but the users not existing in passwd 
caused serious issues.


James P. Kinney III wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 08:54, Geoffrey wrote:
>>I don't believe this is correct.  I believe smbpasswd will permit a user 
>>to change there own password.  From the man page:
>>  By default (when run with no arguments) it will attempt to
>>        change the  current  user's  SMB  password  on  the  local
>>        machine.  This is similar to the way the passwd(1) program
>>        works.  smbpasswd differs  from  how  the  passwd  program
>>        works however in that it is not setuid root but works in a
>>        client-server mode and communicates with a locally running
>>        smbd(8). As a consequence in order for this to succeed the
>>        smbd daemon must be running on the  local  machine.  On  a
>>        UNIX  machine  the  encrypted  SMB  passwords  are usually
>>        stored in the smbpasswd(5) file.
>>So, I would check to make sure the smbd daemon is running.
> smbd _is_ running. But smbpasswd gives "invalid password" error for
> non-root users. I have not used this from the cl before. I have used it
> with the 3-finger salute password change with a Winders box on the samba
> domain controller. That worked just fine. At the moment, I can't bring
> the new domain online for a variety of timing reasons.
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