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[ale] smbpasswd error

I always thought you had to be root to change the smbpassword.  I know the file
/etc/passwd is not world write able. Neither is the smbpasswd file on my system.  So
unless smbpasswd, su to root I don't see how it could write to the file. I also just
checked changing the smbpassword file didn't change the error message.


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> Subject: [ale] smbpasswd error
> If any user but root tries to run smbpasswd, it goes through the whole
> old password, new password, new password again, stuff. Then it fails
> with:
> machine rejected the password change: Error was : RAP86: The
> specified password is invalid.
> I Googled all day yesterday on this and Samba team had seen it back
> around 2.2. This is version 3.0. But there was no information on what to
> do to fix it?!
> I do have "sync unix and samba passwords" and I don't see a chat script
> issue with that.
> I suspect a pam issue with password changes but am unclear on how pam
> interacts with samba password stuff.
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