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[ale] ALE NW meeting was a success,,,, I think

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 10:06:04AM -0500 Geoffrey The Esoteric <esoteric at 3times25.net> wrote:
> Well, as far as I'm concerned, the first ALE NW meeting was a success, 
> inspite of my lack of planning.  There was some lively discussion 
> regarding zlib double free problems and other esoteric Linux issues.  

I think it was a raving success.  If my wife hadn't been in a
worrying mood and if I didn't have to get up rather early in the
morning, I would *love* to have stayed.  (Was it *really* 1 am?)  

There's something infinitely stimulating about being able to chat
with others who love blinky lights and spinning propellers.

> We'll be looking at alternating the meetings focus, or split meetings to 
> address these issues.  I personally like the split meetings, that way we 
> get everyone to come to all the meetings.

If we had a little larger room or a smaller group, we could do
a "buzz group" mini install over in a corner of the room for the
newbies.  That would give them the individual attention they need
where they didn't feel as intimidated by the guys discussing zlib
doublefree errors.  (I think they got a little lost on that one.
Hell, I got lost.)

> Again, let me know if you would like to make a presentation.  There were 
> requests for presentations on the following:
> cd burning
> usb

I'd like to see a presentation of text processing.  Perhaps we
could see some SGML/XML documents, some LaTeX documents, some
groff documents, and discuss different ways to do our work with
the type of documents that we use and still be able to share them
intelligently with the windows-sodden world.

Also, maybe a discussion of X, xdm, window managers, desktop
environments, X authentication, gnome or kde sessions.  I think
this stuff causes lots of confusion for newbies who only know a
graphical interface.

> Oh yeah, I'll plan on attending every meeting, but don't have any 
> particular need or interest in doing the MC stuff.  Anyone else 
> interested jump up.  I don't mind doing it, I've just got to work at it, 
> and I hate those ackward silences. :)

You were a natural, Geof.  Honestly.  You took just the right
amount of control, you yielded at just the right times, you drew
out terrific feedback from lots of people.  You were congenial,
authoritative, and an excellent classroom leader.  And even if the
newbies didn't understand kernel modules, zlib double free
errors, or init script environment variables, they now know
there's an entirely different world out there besides windows.
And that can't help but make them feel a little bit like Chris
Columbus (or Robinson Carusoe).

I was really happy about how approachable and eager to help the
old timers are.  Seemed like a complete lack of high-maintenance
egos there, despite their enormous reservoir of knowledge and

I can't wait til next time!  :-)

David S. Jackson                        dsj at dsj.net
I have a rock garden.  Last week three of them died.
		-- Richard Diran

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