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[ale] ALE NW meeting was a success,,,, I think

Good summary in my opinion.  We did have a good crowd and Geoffrey
actually is a good MC!  I enjoyed getting to meet some ALE'Rs face to

A split meeting might could be done later but getting the rooms
scheduled would have to be done by the ACM club right now.  Evening
classes put rooms at a premium around our meeting time.

I think some newbie sessions right here at the beginning would be the
best idea.  We need an explanation of the overall structure of Linux
along with an example install.  People who only know the Windows/Mac
environment need to be taught what a kernel is, what open source means,
what X is, and why Linux gives more.  Has anyone on the list, that is
interested in coming to these meetings, ever done a true newbie tutorial
in about one hour?  Do you do a concurrent example install shown on an
overhead projector?  That could be easily setup in the room we used. 
The next meeting really ought to have this subject so as to help out the
newbies.  Alternating newbie vs heavy talks from month to month would
probably encourage growth the best without splitting up the experienced
people from the non Linux experienced people.  That interaction is very
important in my thoughts.

Geoffrey wrote:
> Well, as far as I'm concerned, the first ALE NW meeting was a success,
> inspite of my lack of planning.  There was some lively discussion
> regarding zlib double free problems and other esoteric Linux issues.  At
> one point I caught myself counting heads and counted 36 folks.  I also
> requested a show of hands of folks who attended KSU, they far outweighed
> the non KSU folks.
> There was a presentation provided by Dr. Hoganson of KSU regarding their
> new MS in Applied CS which is directed towards the existing IT
> professional.  My take on it is that it leans on your experience, not
> your specifice educational background.  Point is, if you're an on the
> job expert in IT, but your college education is BA in accounting, this
> MS is for you.  Check it out:
> http://science.kennesaw.edu/csis/msacs/contact.html
> So we had a presenter and didn't even set one up.  It wasn't Linux
> specific, but there was interest and received well.
> We are still looking for presenters for upcoming meetings and are hoping
> to have an installfest in the near future.
> One of the challenges we are going to have is balancing the needs/wants
> of the attendees.  As I suspected we had everything from Linux security
> experts and other seasoned veterans to folks who had never seen Linux.
>   We don't want to bore anyone, but we certainly don't want to scare the
> new folks off either.
> We'll be looking at alternating the meetings focus, or split meetings to
> address these issues.  I personally like the split meetings, that way we
> get everyone to come to all the meetings.
> Again, let me know if you would like to make a presentation.  There were
> requests for presentations on the following:
> cd burning
> usb
> iptables
> X configuration
> video conferencing
> apm
> installs (particular interest in dual-boot installs)
> Linux introductory (what is it, why do I want it, what can it do for me)
> Linux package mapping to Windows packages (I use Outlook, what is there
>         on Linux?)
> I think that covers the requests, but keep me honest folks.
> Those of you who have made presentations in the past at ALE meetings,
> let's do it again.  There will be folks at the ALE NW meetings who have
> seen them, but there will be a lot who have not.
> I want to again thank all those involved in getting this going, including:
> The KSU Student chapter of the ACM, Jason Rives, Dr. North, Dow Hurst
> and Ray Knight.
> Special thanks to Jason, Dow for providing drinks and Bob Toxen for
> providing the Pizza.
> Oh yeah, I'll plan on attending every meeting, but don't have any
> particular need or interest in doing the MC stuff.  Anyone else
> interested jump up.  I don't mind doing it, I've just got to work at it,
> and I hate those ackward silences. :)
> --
> Until later: Geoffrey           esoteric at 3times25.net
> I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
> to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?
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