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[ale] Telocity DSL and pump

Yeh, I managed not to fry some big stupid stereo stuff with an X10 light
dimmer switch. But it wouldn't work with the dimmer switch neither.

The short way to keep yourself out of X10 trouble is to connect to the
actual X10 wall-wort which contains the radio antenna. This is also the
modem which translates the firecracker's radio transmissions to
power-line signals. You can hear the relay click when the thing turns on
& off.

-- CHS

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On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 09:13:58AM -0500, Paul D. Manno wrote:
> It does seem a most common problem.  In my case, a clever application
> an X-10 firecracker module, bottlerocket software and a shell script
> automated the reset process.  Love the service otherwise.

Very VERY careful.  A colleague at work fried his telocity gatwway last
night with one of those X10 gizmos.

Make sure you are using the switch meant for inductive loads.  The
standard one is meant for lights and the like -- and can send large
pwoer spikes into your electronics.  and the magic blue smoke will

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