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[ale] Telocity DSL and pump

Hi -

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Chris Fowler wrote:

> Does anyone have the same problem I have with Telocity DSL?

> Sometimes the network no longer responds.  I recycel power on the DSL
> modem and wait for a connection.  I then have to restart pump on the 
> router machine.  Pump is still running in the background but
> if I do not do "pump -i eth1" after power cycling a DSL modem the
> packets never make it out.  I do not think that there is a problem
> on my Linux server, I fell it is a problem on the DSL unit.  One
> correction is to remove pump totally.  I have a static IP anyway.

Ya betcha. This is now down to about once per month, but less would be
nicer. I don't have to do anything but power-cycle their @#$!! "gateway",

Why do you run 'pump'? With Telocity I have a static IP, and the DNS,
gateway, etc. don't change. Run 'My Connection' on their web server to see
the setup. You should just be able to just set up the connection manually,
and use it when it comes back.

Similarly a DSL router/firewall could get the DHCP setup on its own
behalf, while serving you an unchanging view - statically or dynamically.
(Actually that's my setup, except I told the router its static setup.)

 - John Mills

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