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[ale] password protecting a website

Hi All,
I am running Redhat 7.2 and currently have a website on my machine in
(/var/www/html/index.html...). I want to password protect a webpage within
my website. Here's what I did:
1. created /var/www/html/protected/ (where "protected" is the directory
where my secret files will be)
2. created a test webpage in the protected directory and did: chmod
a+r filename.html
3. created .htaccess file in the */protected directory and added the
following :
?????? AuthName "Enter Password"
?????? AuthType Basic
?????? AuthUserFile /home/user/password
?????? require valid-user
4. I then did: chmod 640 .htaccess
5. Under /home/user I ran: "htpasswd -c password username" and "Chmod
No Luck! What am I missing? Is it a permission problem? Thanks.

Jon Faranda