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[ale] advice for intermediate linux'r


On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 20:39, Christopher Bergeron wrote:
> Otherwise, it's gravy.  I'm clueless about awk and [for the most part]
> worthless with sed, so I think those will be my new focal points.

	Learn regular expressions (aka "regexps" aka "re"s) fer shure!  They're
quite useful, and will open up grep, sed, awk, and perl for you.  If you
ever need to use lex or flex, then you're halfway home!  You can do some
pretty amazing things with 'em!  I'd have to count them as one of the
foundational concepts of UNIX/Linux.

kernel, n.: A part of an operating system that preserves the
medieval traditions of sorcery and black art.


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