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[ale] separate hd for swap?


On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 17:15, Robert E Karaffa wrote:
> hi folks,
> 	my linux box is all scsi.  adaptec 1542, scsi CD, CD-R (well, not
> quite yet...as soon as i figure out how to make it work), scsi HD.  i've
> got a few scsi hd rescued from dead Macs.  250Mb, a couple of 2Gb, 1.2Gb.
> isn't it possible to use the 250Mb hd for swap?  i've been doing some
> google searches and haven't found a negative answer.

	That'll work just fine.  However, if you're really *needing* swap most
of the time, IBM: Install Bigger Memory ;-).  Swap nowadays is more of
less of a backup for the less than 1% that we actually need more memory
than is present.

	Sure, having swap on a seperate spindle is a win, but comparing memory
speed to disk speed (what, 4 orders of magnitude? more?), the difference
between swap alone or with other FSs will be down in the noise.

	So: use it, but if you're really swapping a lot, throw another DIMM at
it, and it'll be much happier!

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medieval traditions of sorcery and black art.


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