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[ale] Ginstar PC's

David S. Jackson wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 07:48:02AM +0900 Keith Hopkins <hne at hopnet.net> wrote:
>>>I've had problems with one of the boards I got from them.  It was
>>>a while back and the board name was something like DSI or some
>>>such.  I guess I've blocked the name out of my mind.  But there
>>>were lots of patches from the manufacturers website.  Even then,
>>>the atapi interface was spotty.  Never has worked quite right.
>>>As long as I use a fully compliant CD I'm okay, but even windows
>>>would not work right with it where the CD was concerned.  The
>>>manufacturer is known to be pretty iffy when it comes to mobos.
>>>Can anyone think of a mobo mfr whose name is three letters and
>>>starts with "D"?
>>DFI = Diamond Flower Information, from Taiwan (where else?)
>>They've been around forever.
> Thanks, Keith!  I've heard some negative feedback from a couple
> of people who build PCs (Dave and Mark and Delta Computers) that
> they've experienced problems with DFI boards.  I only bought this
> one board, but I have had quite a few problems with the CD-ROM on
> the atapi interface.  Windows suddenly won't believe there's a CD
> attached sometimes, and audio CDs don't work quite right under
> FreeBSD.  It's an Iomega 56x, so I think it's pretty compliant,
> and FreeBSD is pretty good stuff, so I really think it's the mobo
> since it's goofy under both OSes.
> Has your experience with DFI been without incident?

No recent experiences....being the last DFI board I bought ran a AMD486-DX4/133.  But no, didn't have ANY problems with it. :-)
Since then, I've bought mostly (6) ASUS, and a couple (2) of Tyan, with the very last two (2) I bought were Gigabyte.  I like AMD chips for price & performance reasons, but it's difficult to select a good motherboard for them.  I'll probably go with ASUS again next time, unless I can find a deal on Tyan boards.  Tyan is the best quality, just about the hardest to find, and absolutely not the cheapest boards available.
I usually don't buy all-in-one motherboards.  I just don't like them that much.  Only one I've had experience with is an SIS board in a BOOK PC II.

Lost in Tokyo,
     Jack of All Trades, Anarchist

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