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[ale] Linux meeting at Kennesaw State University

Well, I believe were on the home stretch here folks.  I just got of the 
phone with Jason Rives, the president of the KSU ACM student chapter.

We are planning on having the meetings at 7:30 on the 3RD Thursday of 
the month, beginning this month (March 21st).  Jason was very excited 
and ethusiastic.  He will introduce the ALE meeting identifying the ACM 
as the host.

Room info and directions to follow.

So, now that it's right on top of us, I'd like some suggestions as to 
what to do at the meeting.  We can certainly do some face to name 
recognition exercises, but I'd be open to suggestions as to what else we 
might consider.

I'll plan on MC this meeting, unless someone else would jump up to the 
opportunity (task??).

Okay folks, it's your meeting, what do we want to do?

By the way, make sure you thank Jason for all his assistance when you 
see him at the meeting.  He's put a lot of time into it.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?

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