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[ale] internal volume control?

Cade Thacker writes:
 > I have just set up a new linux box with a bunch of old part, loaded RedHat
 > 7.2 on it, and so far so good, but a simple, yet annoying thing is that
 > the volume when playing a cd/mp3/etc is VERY loud. When playing a cd I can
 > not adjust the volume on the cdplayer program up more than about hair
 > before it just blasts out. Any ideas? It is so loud that even with it
 > turned down, you still hear all the pops and cracks like it is turned up
 > load.(ie background noise?)  Does this make sense? Probably not, but oh
 > well......  TIA.

If you run one of the mixer programs (aumix, kmix, xmixer,...) you
should be able to see all your possible volume settings.  I like aumix
because if you don't have a DISPLAY variable set it will give a pretty
good ncurses interface.

In aumix, you will generally be interested in the Vol, Pcm, and CD
settings.  Vol is the overall volume and should always work.  Pcm is
for setting the gain of digital audio (i.e. stuff like mp3s that play
through /dev/dsp).  CD is the gain for CD playback.

You may need to turn down your Vol and then adjust the Pcm and CD.


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