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[ale] advice for intermediate linux'r

This question is for the [L][i|U,u]n[i|u]x guru's out there:

If there was once peice of advice you could give to all the intermediate [or
newbie] linux users what would it be?  Or what is the most essential
(non-obvious) utility that you know of.  I hope this doesn't turn into
flamebait.  I'm hoping the answer will be something like sed or awk or emacs
or something I've been procrastinating learning...

I think my goal is geared more toward the "command line" processing than the
"networking" side of things (I know how to use nmap).

Any tips?

Much respect-

obviously, i could use some help with my expression's as seen above - my
goal was "unix or Linux".  any pointers there would be much appreciated as

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