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[ale] OT: IM talk port

> Another option for you (especially since you're on the ALE list!
> *grin*) is to use an Linux (or any OS, I suppose) AIM client that uses
> the TOC protocol instead of the OSCAR protocol. TOC servers listen on
> ALL ports, including 80, 8000, etc., so you can set your client
> software to use a port that will go through.  A valid TOC server (I
> just logged on with it!) is toc.oscar.aol.com.
> I use TIK on my GNU/Linux box to connect via the TOC
> protocol. (http://tik.sourceforge.net/). It's also a Debian package,
> if you use that dist. There may well be other clients that use the
> protocol, I don't know.

	Just to play devil's advocate, although it is true that using TOC would
help you avoid those types of issues, TOC is a far inferiour protocol to
OSCAR. TOC only supports the most basic functions that AIM uses. (i.e.
No buddy images, file transfer, direct connect, Talk, etc.) 
	OTOH, if you choose to use TOC under linux, might I recommend the use
of Gaim. It can support AIM (TOC and OSCAR), Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC,
Zephyr, Gadu-Gadu, etc. It has a nice interface and is easy to use. 
Michael Golden <naugrimk at yahoo.com>
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