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[ale] bellsouth.net adsl setup

Ian Kennedy wrote:
> I'm using an Alcatel Speedtouch Home Modem (*not USB*). My adsl will connect in linux through pppoe (status connected, modem lights ablinking, etc.) but I can't ping or find servers. I checked my /etc/resolv.conf file, and there are DNS
> entries, though they were provided on connection. Do I need to call bellsouth and get DNS and enter them manually? Or is my problem something else entirely.

Hi Ian,

   Welcome aboard.  Well, I don't have Alctel, Bellsouth or ADSL, but that never keeps me from trying to help.

   You say that you can't ping anything.  Can you ping your own Ethernet card?  Are you using DHCP?  Does it assign an IP address to your ethernet card?  Does your dsl modem have an IP address?  Can you ping that?  Do you have PPPoE setup & are you logged in to H^HBellSouth through it?  (I think BS dsl used PPPoE)
{Digressing: Why did they ever change their name from Southern Bell.  It was such a catchy name.  end Digression.}

Lost in Tokyo,

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