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[ale] bellsouth.net adsl setup


My name is Ian Kennedy and I'm pretty new to linux - getting into it because I am administrating an apache server and I've heard so many great things about the os. So I've set up a dual boot Mandrake 8.1/Win2k pro system here at home, where I have a small Mac and PC network. I am also waiting to configure a ClarkConnect box to serve as a fileserver,printserver and router. If all goes well, I would also like to give a ppc distro a shot. Anyway, there's my introduction.

Since bellsouth is so prevalent in GA, I was hoping someone here might be able to help. Before you RTM me, know that I have gone through roaring penguin's documentation, Mandrake's reference manual, and the RH Linux Administrator's
Handbook... I'm still struggling.

I'm using an Alcatel Speedtouch Home Modem (*not USB*). My adsl will connect in linux through pppoe (status connected, modem lights ablinking, etc.) but I can't ping or find servers. I checked my /etc/resolv.conf file, and there are DNS
entries, though they were provided on connection. Do I need to call bellsouth and get DNS and enter them manually? Or is my problem something else entirely.

I'm not afraid to edit .conf files (I'm even learning vim :)), in fact, I would prefer to fix it this way, so if anyone has any suggestions, please include the path to files I need to check/configure.

Thanks in advance - and if I can convince my wife to let me, I may bring the imac up to the install-fair next saturday and meet some of you folks.

Ian Kennedy

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