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[ale] OT: College and Computers

Michael -

Do you think eBay or Micro Seconds can help you with the drive?

- Jeff

Michael B Golden wrote:
> Hello all,
>         Sorry that this is off-topic, but I don't know of a more
> knowledgeable group for this type of thing. I just graduated high school
> and am looking at what I need to do to my computer before college this
> fall.
> Current System:
> AMD K6-II 450Mhz
> 64MB PC100 RAM
> 4.3 GB HDD
> 16X CD-ROM
> SB16 ISA Sound Card
> 33.6 modem
> Realtek 10/100 PCI NIC
> SiS 6326 AGP 8MB (chipset can only actually access 4 MB)
> I'm not really sure what is actually needed for college and what I need
> to upgrade in this system or if I should replace it. The system will be
> primarily Linux, with Windows only as needed by courses, and perhaps a
> little toying with the BSDs. I am very low on money and so am trying to
> find a way to do this cheap but not cheat myself too much. If I end up
> choosing/needing to replace it, I'm not too sure on a few things that
> make a fairly significant difference in price.
> 1. What is the real difference between a 1Ghz Athlon and a 1.3 Ghz
> Athlon?
> 2. How much RAM is actually needed? What are the relative differences
> between 64,128,256,384, and 512 MB?
> 3. What is DDR RAM and how does it compare to regular SDRAM?
> 4. Any other specific recommendations on boards, chipsets, etc.?
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael Golden
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