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[ale] [OT]: Looking for employment in Charlotte area


I know this is ALE but it seems this mailing list expands across more than just the ATL metro area.?? I'm looking to relocate to Charlotte.?? I

have been living in Atlanta to 7 years now and have grown to dislike it considerably.?? I thought maybe someone here may have some good contacts for me in the CLT area or need someone.?? If you know of some good 

head hunters I could contact, I would greatly appreciate it.
Bullet points of my experience:

1.?????????? BSD
2.?????????? AIX
3.?????????? HP-UX
4.?????????? Solaris
5.?????????? Linux 
6.?????????? SCO
7.?????????? Windows (all types including DOS)
8.?????? Other small flavors of UNIX.

Programming Languages:
1.?????????? C/C++
2.?????????? Java
3.?????????? COBOL
4.?????????? BASIC
5.?????????? Visual C++
6.?????????? Visual Basic

Scripting Languages
1.?????????? Perl
2.?????????? Various Shells
3.?????????? TCl/TK
4.?????????? SQL
5.?????????? Some OS/JCL :(

Database Environments:
1.?????????? MySQL
2.?????????? Oracle
3.?????????? SQL Server 6.5 and 7


2. Very fluent in Serial communications.

Where I fit?

good question.?? I feel like I'm more of a general practitioner in the
computer science field.?? I would say that I specialize in UNIX and have been doing so for almost 7 years.?? My DOS experience goes back a little

farther.?? I can do sysadmin work but would like something that is
a little more challenging.?? I can write scripts to code and do so when
needed for my customers at this time.?? I don't want to do solid programming.?? 

My current responsibilities.

1.?????????? Pre-Sales Technical support (team lead)
2.?????????? New product design
3.?????????? Provide solutions to customers that include new products
4.?????????? Write code and etc to provide solutions for immediate needs.

You can call me a technical individual that enjoys communication with customers and clients.?? I've also done training.

Past employers
1.?? CSI,?? Norcross,GA
?????? A. SCO, AIX support
?????? B. Software implementation (on-site around US)
?????? C. New technology integration

2.?? Computone Corporation, Alpharetta, GA
?????? A. Sales Engineering Manager
?????? B. Code, Scripts, Serial communications
?????? C. Training, Trade Shows, Presentations
?????? D. Large project implementation

3.?? ADP, Alpharetta, GA
?????? A. Software Implementation and Consulting
?????? B. Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Base
?????? C. Training

4.?? Cereus, Midtown, GA
?????? A. Linux implementation
?????? B. Network support
?????? C. Dot-Com that went Dot-bomb

5.?? Computone, Alpharetta, GA
?????? A. Product Marketing
?????? B. Code, Scripts, Serial Communications
?????? C. Training, Trade Shows, Presentations
?????? D. Large Project implementation
?????? E. Product design
?????? F. Back to SE Manager.

Just a note.?? I currently love the position I'm at at Computone.?? I'm just a little tired of living in Atlanta.?? I'm also a little homesick.

Thanks for your support.