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[ale] ATT Broadband and DHCP Help Requested


I'm using this to update my dns.  I just put the 'script' directive in 
/etc/pump.conf (you will most likely have to create this yourself).  I am 
also on ATT Broadband.  Let me know if you need any additional info.


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>Thanks for the response!
>I believe my Redhat 7 is using Pump by default.
>Just from a quick look, it appears that my
>"ifup" script is starting a bunch of pump
>stuff, so, I am kind of afraid about dumping
>pump altogether- maybe someone has a reference
>that explains clearly the ifup script and
>the pump program, as it relates to my Redhat
>7 box...
>Since my first message, I found this in the
>"man pump":
>        script executable-filename
>               Condition   arg1      arg2   arg3
>               lease       up        eth0
>               renewal     renewal   eth0
>               release     down      eth0
>               When events occur in negotiation with the server, calls the
>given executable
>               or  script.   Scripts  are called when a lease is granted,
>when a renewal is
>               negotiated, and when the interface is brought down and the
>address released.
>               The  scripts are called with two or three arguments, 
>on the condi-
>               tion, as documented in the table above.
>Is anyone using this?  Looks like I should be able
>to setup the script to run after an IP change this
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