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[ale] dual wheel mouse

> I have installed imwheel and made the change in
> XFCongif file "
>  Section "Pointer"
>     Protocol    "IntelliMouse"
>     Device      "/dev/mouse"
> ZAxisMapping 4 5

I don't know about the two separate wheels but i've got a Logitech Marble
TrackMan FX+ which has four buttons, one of which changes the ball movement
from moving the cursor to a scrolling deal. I got it working thanks to
imwheel, but i had to use the second approach it talks about (ie installing
the modified gpm [and making subsequent changes to the gpm startup script],
changing XF86Config to read MouseSystems for protocol and /dev/gpmdata for
device, and running imwheel at X startup).  It may have to do with changing
the ZAxisMapping to something like 4 5 6 7, maybe?  But I know it's possible
because my mouse setup works correctly.
One thing, though when I start up gpm, I have to rearrange the order of the
buttons, otherwise when I try to scroll up it scrolls down, etc.  If I
recall the setting is similar to ZAxisMapping so that may be the key.  I'd
look it up but my linux box is messed up (temporarily?), sorry.

Anybody know why my X server continually says "cannot load default font
'fixed'" on startup then crashes?? I've deleted all X config files, rerun
Xconfigurator or xf86config and anything else I could find and the only
success i've had was with running mkfontdir in the
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc (i think that's right).  I did notice an error
message regarding duplicate font names in
10x20somethingorother-fixed-medium-somethingelse.gz and
Xlat9-10x20-somethingorother.gz, so I removed one (well, moved it to another
directory) and reran mkfontdir without errors. why would there be two
references to the font? Is this something left over from another
installation? Changing which of these files is present in the directory and
running mkfontdir i can get X running, but usually only once, when I restart
it happens again.  Anybody have a clue what's happening?? Any help at all
would be much appreciated.


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