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[ale] dual wheel mouse

On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 10:14:32PM +0100, joseph Mugerwa wrote:
> Hi Guys  and gals
> I have a dual wheel mouse its a logitetch "A4Tech"
> with the 2 usually buttons like Intell wheel mouse and
> another button on the left side. according to me it
> has a total of 3 buttons + 4 (2 from each wheel) = 7
> buttons

	Aren't the wheels (either or both) also buttons if you depress
them?  I don't have the two wheel mouse, but I do have the wheel mouse
and it has four buttons plus the two up/down from the wheel.

> I have installed imwheel and made the change in
> XFCongif file "
>  Section "Pointer"
>     Protocol    "IntelliMouse"
>     Device      "/dev/mouse"
> ZAxisMapping 4 5
> Problem both wheels do the same fuction ie  vertical
> movement. How can get the other wheel moving horizital
> Thanks in advance
> Joe M

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