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[ale] mediaOne modem

Well, it's 10AM and MediaOne/AT&T-Broadband is still a no-show for
today.  This makes 6 times they have failed to show up for a scheduled

-Jim P.

--- Jim Popovitch <jimpop at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Randal Jarrett <rsj at radio.org> wrote:
> > So, if you don't mind waiting times on hold that are 
> > measured in hours for both customer support and billing, 
> > and can put up with installers that don't know what they 
> > are doing or are supposed to be doing, then give them a try.
> I couldn't have said it better myself.  As a former MediaOne
> contractor, and a very vocal advocate, my experiences have become
> nightmares since AT&T has taken over.  
> To give you an idea of what their service is like, I wrote a batch
> file and ran it on a NT machine dedicated to my cable modem (no
> Linksys router involved)  The log file shows the service coming in
> and out over a 8 hour period a few weeks ago.  Note the service
> *still* does this.
> The IP address that is being pinged is the "next-hop" from my cable
> modem, the headend.
> Five different M1/AT&T service techs have been scheduled to visit,
> NONE made it here.  Another one is due tomorrow AM.  I have found
> that to get AT&T to wakeup, I have to call RoadRunner.  The
> RoadRunner NOC can be reached at: 1-877-777-2263
> My log file is available at http://jimpop.net/m1-test.log

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