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[ale] mediaOne modem

To see the other side of AT&T Broadband you needed to have been at their
"Around Town" meeting last night.  They are doing this type of meeting
at a different County each month.

If you did not get to go to the meeting you need to read today's AJC
section which has the headline "Irate customers sock it to AT&T Broadband".
Also on the front page as "Wake-up calls: AT&T Broadband fighting customer
service nightmares".

To be fair, I signed up for their internet service back during the summer.
The only real outage that I have had was from my cable being cut, once
by my wife while using the "weed wacker" and the second time when the
installers cut it while installing my neighbor.

There have been some short term outages and problems such as their DNS
being down for 4-6 hours a couple of times (which didn't bother me very much
as I also point to another external server).

My major problems have been with their phone and digital cable service.
still are "not ready for prime time" in the phone market.

So, if you don't mind waiting times on hold that are measured in hours for
both customer support and billing, and can put up with installers that don't
know what they are doing or are supposed to be doing, then give them a try.

For myself, I'm back on Bellsouth for my phones and using satellite for my
TV.  I am also switching to DSL service but I haven't decided which ISP to
switch to.


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We are about to go with MediaOne Broadband. Unfortunately, NOTHING decent is
available (ie, Telocity, Speakeasy) in Duluth, so we're stuck with that or
Bell South.

Question; This docsis modem they use; anyone had any experience, good or bad
with it? We use Slackware and RedHat, and, of course, nobody supplying fast
Internet access out here supports Linux.

Anything we ought to know?


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