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[ale] Problem with AHA-1522A and RH 5.1


On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Cary Wagner wrote:

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> Subject: [ale] Problem with AHA-1522A and RH 5.1
> Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 14:39:11 -0800
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	Hmm... for one the mailer you use really has some issues as I
can't reply with your text so I hope you have a copy handy...

	I've got the Iomega SCSI Accelerator card in my system which runs
as a AHA-152x that has no problems with runnin under Debian... It's work'd
on every dist of Debian I've used (hamm, slink, potato)... I do have an
append line in my lilo.conf givin the I/O and other settings... I don't
see where movin from Debian to RH is gonna make much of a difference since
they both run the same kernel... if the AHA-152x isn't bein able to
register than it could be that either the card can't be auto-probed in
which case an append statement in the lilo.conf can fix that... or not all
the support needed by the kernel is included...
	As a side note... My kernel is not customized on the machine with
the AHA-152x compat Iomega card... it is just the default stock kernel
which installs from dselect... so there's nothin special that I've
configured other than the append line to the lilo.conf which reads:


	Hope that helps,
	Jeremy T. Bouse
	Sr. System Administrator

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