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[ale] FTP Server on Linux

So,  now we are back to a more generic, OS-level question...

Are you saying I can restrict a specific user to run a binary only from
/xyz/ directory?

I guess you'd do this with the path env variable?  Do these variables even
exist when the user comes in via FTP rather than through a shell?

Please forgive the RT*M's here.  I am an obvious neophyte to Linux.  I have
a start-up web hosting company that runs on NT(web/dB) and Linux(mail).  I'd
really like to get off of NT altogether at some point, but this (FTP) is one
of the sticking points with me (along with M$-ASP&FPE).  If I can get FTP to
happen, and can get ASP&FPE-like capabilities out of Linux, I'll switch over
for good.  I already know it can happen, but can _I_ make it happen

Arguably, I am my own biggest stumbling block here!

Little help?

Thanks all!

-Matthew Brown

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>On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Matthew Brown wrote:
>> This still doesn't do it for me.  What does ~ftp/bin mean?  I'd have
>> this would mean that there is a /bin diretory out there under an ftp
>> directory.  Clearly I'm off here.
>You're not off at all. I think this is discussed in docs for the wuftp
>sources, but the recommendation as I understood it was to make a set of
>[relatively] trusted libs and bins in the <whatever>/ftp heirarchy and
>restrict ftp users to that set. The objective was to avoid exploits of
>publically acccessible libs and bins and in fact to limit the operations
>available to an ftp user.  You would then keep a close eye on the ftp
>executables and libs to catch changes quickly.
>If I misunderstood this, I would appreciate being set straight.
>Thanks - mills
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